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For over 5,000 years men have met toe to toe to box. From Sumer, to Egypt, to Greece and all the western world, boxing has spread and grown into what is known as the “Sweet Science”.


Ancient western boxing was once an exhausting and brutal spectacle. Greek fights used only a band of leather with no padding to wrap a boxers hand with the sole intention of protecting the mans knuckles definitely not his opponents face. These bouts and for much of history had no rounds, no times, and few, if any rules. Men would pound each other to unconsciousness or death and a fight never went to the judges. Early Romans found that adding metal plates to their leather wraps could shorten these bouts drastically, allowing for more exciting matches at every event. Boxing had become so savage that even Rome had to ban the sport for a time period because it caused such a loss in man power for the state.


Modern boxing rose back up in 17th century England but remained a lawless ordeal until 1743 with the establish of the London Prize Ring Rules. Fights were still bare knuckle and had no time limit nor rounds, but a man was declared a winner after knocking a man down if he couldn’t stand back up and return to a line in the center of the ring. This set of rules continue to be revised and set the standard until it developed into what is considered the modern sport of boxing in 1867 with the Marquess of Queensberry rules.


Here at Fighter’s First we continue to teach the sweet science of boxing. We aim to condition our members to maintain a high volume punches while maneuvering on a opponent. Class instruction is focused on the fundamentals of boxing:


  1. Controlling the ring and limiting an opponents ability to maneuver

  2. Controlling the pace and range of a fight

  3. Maintaining an impeccable defense

  4. Mitigating an opponents offense while closing in to assault him

  5. Relentless mitt and sparring drills



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